This will be short and sweet, but I feel it’s important for everyone to understand. Serums can get a little confusing… I think that people often use the term ‘serum’ like moisturizer or sunscreen. The problem is, it’s not a generic term. Think of the word serum like the word booster. Serums are meant to boost your skincare routine, so use serums for what your skin needs most. People often ask: ” I think need a serum, which serum is best?” It depends what you want… if you need hydration, use a hydrating serum, want some anti-aging, use an antioxidant or vitamin C serum, want to help with redness, get a calming serum.

Serums became popular years back because they were a new way to deliver targeted ingredients deeper into the skin. Serums are thinner than moisturizers, so they penetrate deeper than a moisturizer. Serums should always be layered first, moisturizer second (remember, all products should be layered thinnest to thickest).

There are SO many serums out there it’s hard to even start a list of ones that I would recommend, but get out there and try one! Sephora gives samples, or ask your esthetician, or do some research for what skin issue you’d like to treat. For example, I use a hyuloronic acid serum during the day and a glycolic serum at night. But that’s me, there’s definitely a serum out there for you! Have fun boosting your skincare routine!

Thanks for reading, XOs ~ Jennifer

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